Indigenous communities support LCDS, Carbon Credit Payment

Dear Editor,
Recently our Vice President announced that all Amerindian villages and communities will start receiving funds earned from the sale of Guyana’s carbon credit. Villages were set to get amounts ranging from $ 10 million to $35 million through a dedicated bank account setup by the village.
I have not seen one dissenting voice to the contrary other than the APA. The APA and a few voices purporting to speak on behalf of Amerindian people leaders are trying to discredit the LCDS and carbon credit scheme and hence trying to mislead the public and the ART Secretariat.
If the APA and the few voices are contending that the villages don’t support the LCDS and the carbon credit scheme nor were they consulted, let the villages speak for themselves. Let the village council come out and make that declaration, lets don’t have any peeping Thom.
It begs the question of who really is the APA and the few voices speaking on behalf of, don’t try to muzzle the village council. Let the village council of the dissenting communities come out and speak for themselves.
I rather suspect that the APA is trying to get villages to use their LCDS funds to finance some of its PR campaigns, under the purported notion of speaking on behalf of communities.
Villages were allegedly approached to earmark a portion of the funds for communication activities to be executed by the APA.
I am thus calling on all villages to be vigilant.

Yours Sincerely,
Peter Persaud

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