Investigation needed to determine why Police response was slow

Dear Editor,
A letter written by me was published in a certain section of the media in which I mentioned the slow or no response to a report of crime made at the Aurora Police Station; well from then to now I have been receiving many calls from persons who are also concerned about that situation.
But on the front page of that said edition, the headline news read, “Heavily armed 15 man gang storms Cambio Dealer’s home, 21 million in cash and jewelry taken. No Police response despite 40 minutes ordeal. Ex-cop among seven detained” on page 7 carried the full story. When I read that story I had to pause and read over some paragraphs, the second which tells you about the weapons, sledge hammers, the time it occurred, the distance the crime scene is away from the Springlands Police Station.
I reckon that the Springlands Police Station because of its location would be well staffed and manned by the most dedicated, disciplined, courageous and experienced ranks, including officers.
The amount of spent shells found at the scene would wake up the entire neighbourhood, not forgetting the sledge hammers used on that steel door seen in the photograph, in this day and age when every home has at least one cell phone, there are no doubt that call from many residents would be made to the Police Stations; both Springlands and new Amsterdam.
Seventy five minutes the time this robbery started, take out 40 minutes to commit the crime to when the police arrive.
Thirty minutes was good enough time for them to travel miles and miles away.
The crime rate as it is, I am sure that most home would have at least one of the numbers of Springlands Police Station, a Station that I am certain would have at least four telephones.
I also know that there are some Commanders who are happy to let members of the community, especially businessmen, have their cell phone numbers, the reason which is to call them in time of need anytime during the day or night.
Every year the budget allocated for the Ministry of Home Affairs increases as expected, a lot of which is spent on communication and transportation, both land and water. The Public Security Minister even before he took up that portfolio was always concerned about the crime rate in the country. Talking to him, he would always suggest ways and action to be taken to have the rate reduced.
I am certain he will order an investigation to determine why the Police response was so poor to that robbery in question on that dreadful night, and while the findings may not be made public for obvious reasons, it would go a long, long way to prevent a re-occurrence.
It is unreasonable to expect the Police to solve every crime committed, it is reasonable to except they respond to each and every report in a timely manner.

Yours faithfully,
Archie W Cordis