Is this stance meritorious?

Dear Editor,
The work of an important parliamentary oversight committee is held up as the Opposition holds firm in its stance that the former chairman of the same committee, who had several charges before the court, was not removed or asked to resign, so they continue in having faith and confidence in their chairman.
But is this stance meritorious? The former chairman had charges levelled based on decisions which emanated from Cabinet. Further, the incumbent did not benefit in a personal way from the actions undertaken at the time in carrying out a legal Cabinet decision.
Counterpose that against the current chair, who benefited in big personal ways from public funds on several occasions, which did not follow procedures and by extension was illegal.
To continue in its current stance is counterproductive, as we saw and experienced for five long months.
And what of the former junior minister who also benefited from public funds in an illegal way?

Shamshun Mohamed