Jamal Goodluck becomes President of GLTA

— commends clubs for putting faith in youth

The Guyana Lawn Tennis (GLTA) on Thursday elected Jamal Goodluck as their President for the next two years, replacing former President Grace Mc Calman.
Speaking to media operatives, Goodluck explained his vision for the association in his constitutional term, with having a permanent home for the sport being the top priority.
Goodluck said “Tennis needs a home; that will be one of the key things on our agenda for the next year or two years.”

Jamal Goodluck (standing third from right) along with his newly elected committee.
Jamal Goodluck (standing third from right) along with his newly elected committee.

He went unto say, “the Ministry of Education Department of Sports would have expressed interest in signing a MoU [Memorandum of Understanding] and that is something we will continue to pursue, this was headed by the previous president Ms. Mc Calaman and I would want to congratulate her work she would have done over the years”
The GLTA and the government agreed on a design for intended racquet facility which when submitted with a memorandum of understanding will see the association gaining funding from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to commence work on the facility.
The new President also added that they need to build capacity around the country for the sport and promotion throughout Guyana, in this vein he said they are working on getting the schools program up and running.
“We would have hit a few hiccups in terms logistics but that is something that we are working currently with the Ministry as well as Director of Sports Christopher Jones and once those things the quirks have been worked out we can go ahead as well as the partnership with the government and the Guyana Olympic Association”, the newly elected President revealed.
Goodluck said he expected that within another four months this should be done, the GLTA boss also praised his executives who he insist has the necessary experience , capacity as well as will and motivation to see to the sports development over the next two years.
Along with the new President are Nigel Niles, and Ramesh Sebaran were elected as first and second Vice-President respectively. Leroy Trotman is the new Treasurer, Asif Suban as Secretary and Shaquile Bourne as the Public Relation Officer.
While the Committee Member are Grace Mc Calman, Robert Boswick, Cristy Campbell and Nicholas Young.