Jones aiming to turn Gymnasium into premier sports facility

– 0M budgeted for remodelling works

Director of Sport Christopher Jones has revealed that the National Sports Commission (NSC) currently has plans to remodel the current National Gymnasium located on Mandela Avenue into one of Guyana’s premier sports facility.

A 3D impression of the intended facilities at the remodelled National Gymnasium
A 3D impression of the intended facilities at the remodelled National Gymnasium

In speaking to media operatives on Saturday, the Director disclosed that, “I set out with an objective to make sure that the facilities that we have are up to a certain standard, we would have submitted to government last year to do works at the Gymnasium which will total a cost of $440M”.

The remodelled structure would see modern courts being built for various sports disciplines and the facility is expected to be one for all and make good usage.

“This [remodelled gymnasium] would see the putting down of new courts, which will be for Futsal, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, another Basketball court; there will be a space identified for senior citizens, there will be renovations works done on the canteen area for young people who just want a space to relax in the afternoon, as well as a miniature golf course”, Jones explained.

The proposal is not new to the Government, since it was submitted to this year’s but did not find favour; however, the Director is hoping that upon resubmission, a change in fortunes might occur.

He stated, “Last year when we made the submission to government, unfortunately, it didn’t find favour with the budget, we will be making a resubmission for the 2017 budget with a hope that Parliament will approve those money for the spending next year”.

Commenting on the work done thus far on the venue, Jones said, “We would have done external painting, the scrubbing of the matt and we would have added the basketball goals that we removed from the Sports Hall”.

Only the recently the NSC renovated the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall for the Caribbean Basketball Championships (CBC) which produced a spanking new facility to for the playing of matches.

Quizzed on whether the upgraded would result in a reduction of the various indoor sports being played at the Sports Hall, he responded saying, ” It will continue to be for multipurpose sports because that was the intention when it was built; however, what we will do is that those disciplines that would require lines being drawn on the floor ,we would likely retain them here at the Gymnasium and those that are here at the Gymnasium that do not require lines being drawn, we will move them over to the sports hall”.