Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo to launch “Harder” today

Guyana’s own and internationally recognised Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo will later today release his brand new single titled “Harder” on all major radio and television stations. The song was written by the former Carib Soca Monarch and produced by Drew Thovin and mixed by Master Artic Studios.
In addition to the song, the music video was produced by Brian Roberts out of Honest Illusions in Brooklyn New York. The song was recorded with a touch of EDM, Trap and Soca – a new mix that will definitely complement the lyrics.
The song is all about creating the right atmosphere for Mashramani and Guyana Carnival which will be held for the first time in Guyana in commemoration of Guyana’s Independence. The video comprises snippets of how various countries celebrate their festivals such as Brazil’s Carnival, Canada’s Memorial Day, and some gigs from events in the US and England.
The artiste told Guyana Times Entertainment that he was happy to record the tune and is optimistic that it will be a hit during the Mashramani celebrations. The song will be released on 89.5 FM at 14:30h with Bindya Takchandra and Jumo live in studio.