Kuru Kururu peacemaker stabbed multiple times

A Kuru Kururu, Linden-Soesdyke Highway man was on Saturday brutally stabbed multiple times about his face and body after he tried to make peace between his friend and a suspect, who has not yet been identified.
Guyana Timeswas informed that the victim was imbibing at a shop with his friends in the community when an argument ensued between his friend and another man.
As the men were about to fight, the victim approached them and attempted to make peace but was instead stabbed multiple times about his face and body by the suspect.
When contacted on Wednesday, Police Commander, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Siwnarine said he was only made aware of the incident on Wednesday, since no official report was made to the Police.
Commander Siwnarine said after hearing of the incident, he scheduled a meeting with the victim today, when an official report will be made.
“I am now dealing with it. The victim is supposed to come tomorrow [Thursday] for the officers to follow it up. Apparently, the person was stabbed and they went to the hospital and now we are being informed about it,” the Commander told this publication.