Last limb

Satiricus was confused. Which, he admitted, wasn’t an unusual state of mind for him. All this jumping around from limb to limb by his old KFC party to stay alive – after they’d been voted out – was making his head spin. He knew what he had to do: get as fast as he could to the Back Street Bar, for his first drink after the New Year excesses.
“Ai Sato! Me t’ink like yuh get laas’ or somet’ing!” exclaimed Bungi, as he spied Satiricus approaching the table.
“E’ wife mussee gyam good!” said Cappo, pushing a beer towards their old friend. “Yuh see how ‘e gat ‘e laang face?”
“Hey Bannuh! Let de man siddown nuh!” said Georgie, while raising his bottle to Satiricus’. “Happy New Year Sato!”
“What’s so happy about this year up to now?” demanded Satiricus sourly, after taking a swig. “Them politicians raising my blood pressure!!”
“Like yuh worry ‘bout yuh ole fr’en Nagga Man an’ Rum Jhaat, or wha?” asked Bungi with a smile. “W’en yuh play out all yuh trump cyard, yuh gat fuh lose till game done!”
“Trump cyard? Yuh call dat ‘lil mo dan big’ schupidness, wan trump?” said Cappo. “Da bin a wan Jokah!”
“Well, de bribery card wasn’t a bad one,” opined Georgie. “Dem bannuhs just couldn’t get the smoking gun!”
“But this is serious business,” complained Satiricus. “This involves our whole Government falling!”
“Budday, da wha’ mek dem gat fuh try a t’ing! ANYt’ing!!” laughed Bungi. “W’en yuh own louse bite yuh, ‘e does bite really hat!
“Suh how ‘bout dis citizenship t’ing, Jargie?” said Cappo. “Yuh just come back fram ‘Merica.  Nagga Man dem gat wan case?”
“Y’all know how ole people does say, “all smart fly does land pon cow backside”? asked Georgie. “Duh is wuh gon happen to Nagga Man dem!”
“Wha’ yuh mean bai?” said Cappo anxiously. “Na play ‘meriddle, merridle wid abee!”
“Well if deh get Charan Rass pon de citizenship thing,” said Georgie with a wide smile. “Half deh MP’s gon gat fuh resign!!”
“Now you got me more worried!” exclaimed Satiricus.