New Maths

Satiricus was so happy he’d left the KFC before their meltdown. As such, he didn’t have to face the tantalising that had been his fate since 2015 from the fellas at the Back Street Bar, where he was presently headed. Christmas wasn’t the time of the year to be getting stick!
“Hey Sato!” called out Cappo as he neared their table, which was already developing a good-sized forest of bottles. “Hari sen’ dong wan small piece an’ beer free today, Budday!!”
“Yeah, de bai done get wan jaab in New Yark,” reported Bungi. “But ‘e seh de place col’ like raas!!”
“De Bannuh ain’t see not’ing yet!” grinned Georgie who had moved in the opposite direction from New York back to Guyana. “He’ll freeze his butt in January!!”
“So what you fellas think about No-Gel Huge calculating that 33 isn’t greater than 32?” asked Satiricus after he downed his first beer in one long gurgle.
“Budday, me na bin far in school,” said Cappo. “But me t’ink da chap guh school in Aagas!”
“’E soun’ just like w’en abee two use fuh cut cane,” said Bungi, with a grin. “Yuh always complain YOU half mo’ big dan ME half!!”
“But seriously, Bannus,” interjected Georgie, “it ain’t so simple. The law does move in mysterious ways!”
“Listen Georgie, don’t stifle your conscience because you’re hooked up with that PeenSee businessman,” said Satiricus sternly.
“Contrary breeze ah mek crow and eagle lan’ pan de same line!” grinned Cappo. “De bai gat fuh live, you know!”
“An’ de same t’ing fuh No-Gel Huge!” said Bungi. “Ah big law-ya money fuh he!!”
“C’mon fellas!” protested Georgie with some heat. “That ain’t fair! As a lawyer, the man is offering his opinion!”
“But wha’ mek ‘e na affa ‘e opinion w’en GECOM seh Pee’nSee win de elec-shan wid de same 33 seat ‘gainst de PPCEE 32?” demanded Cappo.
“Jargie, nah tek yuh mattie eye fuh see,” said Bungi. “Me done drink six beer and you drink five. Who drink mo’?”
Georgie grinned sheepishly but remained quiet.