The day after

Satiricus couldn’t get fast enough to the old watering hole at the Back Street. “Oh! How much can change in a day!” he thought, with a wide grin on his moniker. Yesterday, his old buddies in the KFC and their PNC controllers were riding high as if there were no tomorrow. And today, with elections only three months away, they were now between a rock and a hard place.
“Ai, Sato!!” called out Cappo as he espied Satiricus. “Come tell abee ‘bout dis KFC bai Sarran Das!”
“Eh! Eh! Me neva t’ink ayuh KFC people gat dem kinda spunks!” laughed Bungi, while signalling for a beer for Satiricus.
“Da bannah ain’t no hero,” said Georgie. “De man sell out ‘e side, bro!”
“Well, you can say what you want,” said Satiricus, as he sat down and reached for the beer, “The fella is now a certified Guyanese hero!!”
“Damn right!” said Cappo, while looking at Georgie squarely. “’E seh ‘e cyaan tek how de Pee’nSee treat abee suga worka an’ de KFC na do nuttin!”
“Budday, na de same t’ing mek Sato lef de KFC?” asked Bungi. “Since w’en votin’ yuh caan-shan a ‘sell out’?”
“Well, when Volga ask she party people before de vote how dem gon vote, why ‘e didn’t talk up?” asked Georgie.
“Georgie, you just came back to Guyana,” said Satiricus. “If Sarran Das said he’d vote for the motion, they would’ve recalled him on the spot!!”
“Da wha’ mek Nagga Man talk fat in Parli’ment,” grinned Cappo. “Cow deh a pasture he nah remember dat daag and butcha deh, till ‘e see am!!”
“Jaargie vex beca’se ‘e Pee’nSee fr’en guh lose ‘e IT contrac’!” pointed out Bungi. “An’ da guh cut ‘e runnings!”
“Bannas, I man does wuk on principles!” said Georgie huffily. “If yuh deh wid a party, yuh gotta toe de party line!”
“The KFC leaders were supposed to keep the Pee’See in check, not toe their line,” said Satiricus bitterly. “Sarran Das reminded them.”
“Moon ah run til day ketch am!” gloated Bungi. “Pee’nSee and KFC get ketch!!”