Laughable parking meter fiasco

Dear Editor,
The United Minibus Union (UMU) takes umbrage to a statement made by the Chairman of the Georgetown City Council grouping which is said to be conducting consultations on that laughable parking meter fiasco. The statement was made on the popular television programme “Georgetown on the move.”
The statement purported that the Minibus Association was not supportive of the consultative process, but if it had to do with raising bus fares, the Association would have been out in large numbers.
I wish to state categorically that the Chairman is not qualified to make any statement as it relates to minibus service providers since:
1. The Georgetown Mayor and City Council is at no time, ever involved in matters of transportation fares increase.
2. I am quite sure that the Chairman is unable to name one minibus association.
It is common knowledge that the powers that be at City Hall, are aware that a minibus union exists, they know who is the President of the Union, whether they choose to recognise him or not, they have his telephone number in their records as well as the mailing address of the United Minibus Union.
However, the Czars at City Hall for special reasons are bent on avoiding any formal engagement with the UMU President.
Minibus operators have to be on the road to make money, they are not City Council Staff whom they can summon to a meeting at short notice through the tabloids and hope somebody reads it and pass on the message.
The UMU represents minibus and taxi owners and operators over 15 routes in Guyana (Route 31-73) – each route has persons delegated to represent them, through the Union. It therefore would have made sense for an engagement with the President of the UMU, and the representatives of each route to be set up for meaningful consultations.
In addition, the UMU feels that it would have served all stakeholders best, if a commission could have been set up with persons of impeccable integrity, who are completely divorced from the political machinations at City Hall. It is never best to try the devil’s case in hell.

Yours respectfully,
Eon Andrews
United Minibus Union