Let security systems be more easily obtainable

Dear Editor,

The crime situation continues to haunt us and many people are investing heavily to protect their properties and lives with the use of security cameras to identify criminals or raise alarms, amongst other things.

Most people installing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security cameras would install the cameras at positions that makes it impossible to identify someone unless the person could be recognized by his/her physical structure and in many cases, it’s impossible.

People should not be fooled with what is shown in the CSI Television series, technology is not available as yet to enhance bad footage so in order to get a decent image, the camera must be very close. It doesn’t matter if people could touch the cameras because if they do they are being recorded.

The standard recording for most dvr’s [digital video recorder’s] is 24 frames per second (fps), that is like taking 24 photos in a second and playing it back thus you get the videos and depending on the setting of the dvr, you could record 30 fps which is a far better quality when replaying. There are also videos editing programs available that could be used to scrutinize the videos properly to get the best images.

While there are many places that you could go to get different types of security systems to purchase, the real shocker is when you query the prices. Believe it or not, these people are increasing the values of a security system by four times and those installing it are charging a tremendous amount and when you look at the way they install the system, you start to wonder what is the purpose for the cameras because you could know that they wouldn’t get proper footages.

If this government is serious about fighting crime, they should get a mechanism in place to let citizens get security cameras at an affordable rate because the prices are jacked up tremendously.

If almost everyone could install a security system it would enhance the fight against crime greatly. Take the recent crime that was committed against the M&M Snackette.

The robbers had on face masks to prevent people from knowing their identity but I don’t believe that they would walk from their home with their face blocked to commit a crime and if they do that they would draw attention to themselves.

I’m quite sure the police will be looking at houses nearby with security cameras to see if they have footage of the criminals passing before/after they commit the crime.

In order to help fight against crime, let security systems be more easily obtainable, so that many people could get cameras easily and help each other.

Yours truly,

Sahadeo Bates