Linden road deteriorating owing to extreme erosion

A section of the main access road at Burnham Drive, Mackenzie, Linden has been severely impacted by extreme erosion, as inclement weather continues to prevail.
As a result, parts of the road, which is in close proximity to the Christianburg area, have already disappeared. Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice) Vice Chairman Douglas Gittens has since made calls for emergency intervention by the Public Works Ministry. Gittens noted that it was a serious concern for officials and residents, who have registered complaints over the issue.
“This is the definition of emergency work…A serious erosion problem is plaguing this area and the residents have been complaining… I just went to the said area and the situation has worsened. The relevant Ministry representatives went to see the area … I’m asking the Ministry of (Public) Works to act quickly before this becomes a disaster,” the Regional Vice Chairman stated.
Gittens said this was not the first time that the area has suffered from road-related problems.
“The last time they had a problem there was the culvert had collapsed, but they have a plastic one there now, but the point where they dug up the road was not fixed properly. So, as a result of that, it was undermined by the rain and subsequently that broke away and it is now a serious issue of erosion going on there,” the Region 10 Vice Chairman related. (G13)