Linden women complain of alleged “Police brutality”

A number of Linden mothers are presently seeking justice for their sons who they allege have fallen victims to Police brutality.
The women have also alleged that their sons who are either behind bars or served time already are all wrongfully accused of crimes they know nothing about.

Mothers Karen Crawford  (left) and Deborah Graham
Mothers Karen Crawford  (left) and Deborah Graham

Speaking with the media on Friday, the women, including Karen Crawford, Eva Stephen, Deborah McAlmont, Kayla Mcbean, Deborah Graham and Alison Stephens all related experiences they allegedly encountered with the Police as it relates to their sons’ alleged involvement in crimes.
The issues ranged from Police not finding case jackets during trial to the callous manner they claim they were treated when they make enquiries about their incarcerated offsprings.
According to Crawford, the Police in Linden have incarcerated two of her sons over alleged cultivation of marijuana.
The woman is adamant that her son was cultivating a “food” farm and that marijuana plants obtained by Police are from another farm. She also claimed that her other son was victimised, slapped with five robbery under arm charges, taken to Camp Street prison and beaten, while also maintaining that he is innocent.
Stephen also claimed her son Devon Scott who is presently behind bars for robbery under arms was targeted by Police. While Devon remains behind bars, she said her other son who was also incarcerated for the same offence had the case against him dismissed. She also denies her sons’ involvement.
Meanwhile, McAlmont who worked as a Special Constable said she believes she was recently fired over an alleged incident involving herself, Police and her two sons at their home.
She claims that Police in plainclothes attacked her sons and beat them, while also making unannounced visits to her home and abusing the rest of her family.
She alleged being cuffed in her back by E Division (Linden-Kwakwani) Commander Calvin Brutus and her son Dexter was slapped with six charges. However, Brutus when contacted said the alleged incident is presently being investigated. McAlmont said her service was terminated on March 26 as a result.
Graham also related that her son has been wrongfully accused of cultivating marijuana and claims he was beaten by Police who she also alleged fired gunshots over his head and submerged his head in water. The incident is alleged to have occurred at Old England.
Similar sentiments were echoed by Stephens whose son Ken Stephens was also charged in relation to the incident. He remains on remand but the woman is adamant there was no marijuana being planted in the area the men were found. Her son was placed on $400,000 bail.
“I don’t even have $400,000”, she lamented.

Speaking with this newspaper afterwards, Commander Brutus noted that a few of the alleged incidents are being investigated by the Office of the President and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).
Only recently, family of some incarcerated young men in the community staged a protest over alleged Police brutality and excess.
The Commander has however denied the claims, which were also brought against Inspector Singh and Corporal Kendall of the Mackenzie Police Station, noting that in many cases, the men were charged based on advice or the amount of evidence brought against them.
Meanwhile, in an invited comment, Prime Ministerial Representative Vladimir Glasgow said the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) fully condemns any such behaviour portrayed by Police, noting that it creates hostile tension between them and civilians.
“I had several complaints coming to my office about police brutality and the way Police conduct themselves in the Region… It’s not good for crime solving… the OPM fully condemns any such behaviour pattern by Police and we will look into the matter to make sure that some sort of change can be made to the way in which the Officers conduct their business in the Region”, he stated.