Live streaming of tabulation of ballots in local, regional, and national elections should be mandatory in Guyana

Dear Editor,
It is instructive to note that live streaming of the counting of ballots was done in the critically important Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This was confirmed by the Philadelphia City Commissioner Mr Al Schmidt, a Republican, at approximately 05:40h (05:40 am) on Friday.
The tabulation process – done in the presence of observers from the local Republican and Democrat parties, as well as representatives from the Biden and Trump campaigns – could be seen (or live streamed) on telephone, computer, and other electronic devices worldwide.
All of America had a fair opportunity to observe the counting of ballots. No one objected. No one complained about identity of poll workers. That is transparency.
Some of us called for live streaming of the Caricom-sanctioned recount process during the 2020 General and Regional Elections in Guyana. That is, live streaming of each and every ballot recounted, visible to everyone worldwide; no shortcut. However, this did not exactly occur. All sorts of nonsensical excuses were made by PNCR and AFC representatives.
Some would recall that there even were attempts to seize people’s mobile telephones. The right to have possession of one’s mobile telephone, which is a property right, was defended vigorously. Property rights should not be sacrificed in order to enjoy speech (voting) rights.
Live streaming of the tabulation of ballots (as well as recounts) in local, regional, and national elections should be mandatory in Guyana. Guyanese should demand this, and not compromise on this need to ensure that their ballots are not destroyed or tampered with during elections.
I would respectfully assume that President Ali and the learned Attorney General know what has to be done to amend the relevant elections laws.

Rakesh Rampertab