Local governments must incorporate energy efficiency criteria

Dear Editor,
Local governments in the various regions and hinterland communities can take a range of approaches to promote energy efficiency, both in their own operations and in their communities by investing in energy efficiency, local governments can achieve substantial energy cost savings across their facilities, and demonstrate energy and environmental leadership.
In addition to improving the efficiency of existing and new facilities, local governments must incorporate energy efficiency criteria into product procurement decisions and introduce strategies to improve the energy efficiency of commercial, industrial, and other non-governmental buildings that allow local governments to achieve much greater benefits than by focusing on their buildings alone. Also, helping homeowners and business owners in their communities to improve energy efficiency in their homes and businesses can be an effective strategy for local governments to reduce energy demand that helps households and businesses save money, improve comfort and reduce energy consumption.
We utilise energy in different forms in our daily lives and cannot even think about surviving without it. We use energy to light our homes, businesses and street lighting as well, to be able to power machinery and equipment in factories, to cook our food, for playing music and operating televisions and many more every day regular uses.
We must conserve energy; we must practice reducing the quantity of energy used. This can be attained through efficient energy use. In this case, energy use is decreased at the same time getting the same outcome as a result, or by reduced consumption of energy services. It is one of the easiest processes to help Guyanese by means of pollution in addition to making use of natural energy.
This may result in an increase in financial capital, better environmental results, national security, personal security and human comfort. Individuals and companies – direct consumers of energy may need to conserve energy so as to reduce energy expenses and promote economic security. Industrial and business class users may want to increase efficiency and as a result, it maximises their benefits as well.
Energy conservation is the reduction or removal of unnecessary or unwanted energy.
There are many reasons why homeowners and business owners should consider energy efficiency, from the clear environmental and financial benefits of cutting energy use to potential improvements in mental and physical health. In fact, energy efficiency has become one of the common features that prospective homeowners and business owners look for when purchasing a home or business.
Whether our motivations for energy conservation are economic, environmental, or personal, the benefits of energy efficiency will have something to offer for everyone. Energy conservation plays a significant role in lessening climate change. It helps the replacement of non-renewable resources with renewable energy.
Energy conservation plays a very important role because the utilisation of non-renewable resources also impacts our environment. The usage of fossil fuel adds to air and water pollution such as carbon dioxide is produced when oil combusts in power plants, heating systems, and engines of cars.
As we all aware, carbon dioxide works as a transparent layer in the atmosphere that is part of the cause of the global warming of the earth, or we can also name it the greenhouse effect. Global warming has its own consequences in our atmosphere. It has its deadly effects like the spreading of different diseases, warmer waters, increased chances and intensity of heatwaves and financial costs.
I encourage every Guyanese to improve their housekeeping habits in such a way that saves more energy like turning off lights when you are not present in a room or not at home, close your heating vents and doors in rooms which are not being utilised anymore, clean your air filters and make proper use of energy and conserve it, share and communicate these facts and information with others in your family, friends and neighbours.
There are many other activities which help people conserve or save energy. A simple example is using the LED emergency bulb. It works like an energy-saving bulb during regular use and switches to emergency light during a power outage, running on a lithium-ion battery.
Thanks to a smart-charging feature, the light bulb can automatically refill its battery when the switch is on, allowing you the opportunity to never be left in the dark again! We can utilise solar energy instead of using electricity during the night for security lighting. Conserving energy is very important since most of the energy resources we use are non-renewable. So we need to make proper utilisation of these resources.

David Adams