Lusignan prisoner died of gastrointestinal bleeding

Forty-four-year-old Roger Samuels, who was found dead about a week ago in his cell at the Lusignan Prison, East Coast Demerara (ECD), died as a result of gastrointestinal haemorrhaging.
This is according to the autopsy that was conducted on the man’s body by Government pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh. The post-mortem was conducted on Wednesday and revealed that Samuels had bleeding gastric ulcers.
Gastric ulcers, also known as peptic ulcers, according to, is a localised area of erosion in the stomach lining, resulting in abdominal pain, possible bleeding, and other gastrointestinal symptoms. The most common cause of gastric ulcers is a stomach infection.

Dead: Roger Samuels

Samuels was on remand at the Lusignan Prison, on a larceny charge, and was found dead on Sunday last in his cell. He was charged and remanded on January 8 for allegedly stealing a motor car. Reports are that he had several injuries to his body, which were inflicted by the public after he had allegedly committed the offence.
Police said the man’s last known address was La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara (WBD).
Based on reports received, at about 06:00h on January 10, the duty officer at Lusignan Prison was in the process of unlocking the prisoners for wash-up when he observed Samuels lying in a motionless state on his bed
As a result, a doctor attached to the penitentiary was summoned and Samuels was pronounced dead.
The prisoner shared a cell in Unit One of the prison with seven other inmates. (G9)