Magnum Mash Cup returns tonight with 10 exciting fixtures

– Bent Street in the hot seat

As the clock winds down to the knockout stage, the Magnum Mash Cup will be on this evening with teams looking to get their points up in order to avoid elimination.
With three nights of competition already completed, the 2019 instalment of the National Sports Commission Magnum Mash Cup is going smoothly, bringing the best of street ball to the National Gymnasium.
The teams will now be stepping up their competitive spirit in order to ensure that they have a spot in the knockout rounds.
On the card for tonight’s action are defending champions Bent Street, the red-hot Gold is Money, Buxton Diamond, Leopold Street, Showstoppers, Tiger Bay, and Albouystown.
Among those teams that have already impressed and are in a good position to advance from the KO round are Gold is Money; Sophia; North Ruimveldt; Back Circle and Showstoppers, who’ve remained unbeaten in their two engagements to date.
Reigning champs Bent Street drew their opening fixture and will no doubt be looking to secure a win against Avocado Ballers to stay in contention for a place in the next round.
In addition, Leopold Street, Tiger Bay, Broad Street, Future Stars, Island All Stars, Kitty Hustlers and Albouystown will have similar thoughts and ambitions if they are to progress further.
It promises to be a thrilling night of action tonight, and the fans are being encouraged to once again show up en mass to witness their respective community teams go head to head against each other.
The organisers are appreciative of the support received thus far and will be giving fans two opportunities to win prizes for Valentine’s Day and the February 22 Stag Stage Jouvert.
One hundred lucky couples will receive tickets for the Jouvert, while 12 will be given one bottle of Verdi wine to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loved one.
Tonight’s games will include a battle between Mocha and Gaza Squad, while Ol Skool Ballers look to upset Island All Stars. Broad Street will try to stop Showstoppers, Back Circle will take on Good Life, Buxton Diamond will battle Hustlers and Gold is Money will look to make Capital Strikers another one of their victims. Alexander Village will target Future Stars, Tiger Bay will go head to head with Sophia, Leopold Street will challenge Albouystown, and Bent Street will look to draw first blood against Avocado Ballers.
The entrance fee is set at $500.