Man found dead hours after boasting about being rich

Police in Linden have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of an unidentified man who was discovered on Monday evening at the Prosville Squatting Area, Wismar, Linden.
Initial reports indicated that the man, who was of Indian descent, was found in an unconscious state and was taken to the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) where he subsequently succumbed. He was reportedly bleeding from his nostrils at the time of the discovery.
Enquiries disclosed that at approximately 17:00h on Monday, the now dead man visited a food shop situated in the Prosville Squatting Area where he requested a roti which was given to him.
Reports indicate that he then took out three cellular phones from his pants pocket and began boasting that he “got money”.
He was reportedly asked to pay for the roti he ordered, after which he left.
Police have confirmed that upon examination, ranks discovered that behind his head was swollen.
The body was photographed for identification purposes and is presently lying at the LHC awaiting a post-mortem.
The cellphones which he reportedly had in his possession are yet to be located. According to Police, persons in the area were questioned but no useful information was obtained.