Man wanted for brutal murder of ECD woman apprehended

– confesses to chopping woman during argument over money

Deonarine Sawh, called “Boyzie”, for whom an arrest warrant had been issued for questioning in the murder of Nazaleen Mohammed of Belfield Squatting Area, East Coast Demerara, has been arrested on Wednesday.
The Police have said that the 65-year-old Sawh, of Hope Lowlands, ECD, was apprehended after Police had received information that he was hiding in an abandoned house at Mahaica, ECD. The arrest was made at that location. However, during interrogation, the suspect told investigators that the deceased called and asked him for some money, and he left home and went to Hope Lowlands, where they met.

Murdered: Nazaleen Mohammed

He said he did not have enough money, and this led to an argument during which he chopped her several times about her body with a cutlass he had in his possession.
Shaw explained that after receiving the chops, Mohammed fell into the canal. The murder weapon, he added, also fell into the water.
He told detectives that he went to an abandoned building at Mahaica, where he consumed a poisonous substance. He is expected to make his court appearance before the end of the week.
The battered body of the 47-year-old Nazaleen Mohammed was found floating in a canal at Hope Lowlands Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara on Monday. Police on Monday evening said the housewife’s body was seen by a neighbour in the canal with wounds about her abdomen.

Murder suspect Deonarine ‘Boyzie’ Sawh

However, when Police arrived on the scene and turned the body, wounds were seen on the head, ear, neck and abdomen, and her intestines were protruding.
According to Police, the murder occurred at some time between 07:00h and 15:00h on Monday at Hope Lowlands Railway Embankment, ECD. Enquiries disclosed that the woman was living with her daughter and reputed husband, who is presently at sea on a fishing boat.
Mohammed had last been seen alive by a neighbour at about 07:00h on Monday, as she was leaving her home and heading toward her brother’s residence at Hope Lowlands, ECD. “At about 08:05h, the victim’s 32-year-old son received a call from her (his mother’s) cell phone, where he heard a male voice whom he identified as the suspect, who had previously shared a relationship with Nazaleen Mohammed,” Police have said in a statement. At the time, he also heard his mother’s voice shouting for her phone, but shortly after, the call ended.
However, at about 15:00h on Monday, the neighbour, who did not see her return, left in search of her. He told Police that while he was walking along Hope Lowlands Railway Embankment, he saw the motionless body of Nazaleen Mohammed floating in a canal.