Massiah optimistic about upcoming season

GCA/NBS 2nd Division 40-Over Competition…

The cricket season is set for resumption on September 29 with commencement of the GCA/NBS 2nd Division 40-Over competition, and Chairman of the Georgetown Cricket Association’s (GCA’s) Competitions Committee, Shaun Massiah, is optimistic about this impending season.

Chairman of the GCA Competitions Committee, Shaun Massiah

In an interview with Guyana Times Sport, Massiah was asked how he views this impending season, and he responded: “What I can expect is what I know for sure: that teams will be coming harder in the competition. They all will be vying for the semifinals and the final, which will be played under lights.
“From the winner and runner-up of that final, the teams have a chance to compete in ‘the Clash of the Champions’. This competition will see the winner and runner-up (teams) from Georgetown battling the winner and runner-up teams from Berbice.
“I expect that the Georgetown teams will be more competitive, and we will see emerging players coming out of this competition so they can move on to the next level.”
Regarding his expectation of the senior players on each team, such as the Forresters and the Barkers, Massiah said each team has experienced players, and they are expected to lead from the front, since the younger ones will be looking up to them.
He noted that senior players would be expected to employ their best efforts to win games, since they would want to advance in the ranking and even be selected for franchise cricket.
He reminded that the most points a team may garner from a complete game is 20: 10 points are guaranteed for a win; five are guaranteed for scoring in excess of 200 runs, and five for taking all ten wickets in a match.
Teams in ‘Zone A’ are as follows: Muslim Youth Organisation, University of Guyana, Third Class, Guyana Defence Force, Diplomats, Gandhi Youth Organisation, Malteenoes, and the GCC.
Teams in ‘Zone B’ are: Sophia, Police, Everest, Ace Warriors, Transport, Demerara Cricket Club and GNIC. (Timothy Jaikarran)