Message and teaching of humanity finding the good in ourselves

Dear Editor,
The Sanatan Vaidic Dharma Pandits’ Sabha Region Three extends Shubh Diwali to the entire nation. We wish that everyone would experience, and contribute to, the positive and spiritually uplifting spirit of Diwali.
Diwali captures and celebrates the exuberances of life in all aspects. From traditional foods, dance, music, folklore and rituals to the discovery of the Divine Self in us; the purpose and journey of life, and the ultimate goal are all netted in the beauty of the festival. Diwali is ‘Pancha Parva’, or a five-day celebration, beginning two days prior to Deepavali and concluding two days after. Different sections of the Hindu population observe either all five of the days, or only a few.
What is central, however, in the observance of all these days of light celebration, pomp and festivity is the message and teaching of humanity finding the good in ourselves. It is a celebration of light over darkness; knowledge over ignorance; and, ultimately, the attainment of the Light Divine ever latent within. Little earthen lamps (diyas), symbolic of our finite Jeeva (body, mind, and tendencies), are lit in this celebration from a larger diya, symbolic of the Supreme Light (God). The symbology here is as divinely deep as it is philosophical. It demonstrates the relationship between creation and creator — a constant dependence of creation on the creator for sustenance.
In the final analysis, Diwali provides the platform to remind all of our inner light source, and the need to consciously connect from within, so that we may bring forth, through thoughts and actions, the good in us.
Once again, the Sabha wishes all a blessed and happy Diwali.

Yours sincerely,
Pt Charranlall
Avishkar Nandalall