…in elections
Over the last nine months, your Eyewitness has watched with alarm as the PNC launched its rear-guard actions to remain in office against all odds. The odds, however, were set for players who obeyed the rules of the game and the PNC has consistently reminded us over its sixty-year existence that they don’t give a hoot about rules. Our Constitution, of course, embodies the rules from which all other rules flow in governing this country, but the PNC flaunted its cynicism to the nation and the world when Burnham scrapped the Independence Constitution and wrote a brand new one – just confirming the dictatorial powers he’d already been enjoying.
But with all of that, Burnham always insisted on observing the FORMS of legality even though he ground the SUBSTANCE of the law into dust. Take elections— Burnham could’ve followed the lead of many tin-pot dictators, especially in Africa, and made himself President for life. But he didn’t. He dutifully held elections, which he just as dutifully rigged!! He was of the firm belief that the powers-that-be didn’t care about the fine print and only read the headlines: PNC wins elections!!
He perfected rigging to a fine art and to his credit, showed creativity in his methods of rigging. In 1968, he used the overseas vote and proxies; in 1973 he used the army to seize the ballot boxes and killed some PPP members trying to accompany the ballot boxes; in 1980 he again used the army but didn’t bother to shoot anyone this time. His successor Hoyte rigged a bigger majority than Burnham ever did by ejecting PPP election agents from polling places and refusing counting at the place of poll.
Fast forward to the present, where the PNC’s stretching out the elections date by any means necessary. What’s one to think? The hyena doesn’t change its stripes!! Their plans to rig the next elections hadn’t been consummated: more time was needed. But gradually, the contours of their plans were revealed. While Suriname and Brazil imposed visa requirements for Haitians, Felix gave them an automatic six-month stay – without insisting they show means of support for that time. Persistent reports show that the poor Haitians didn’t even have money to purchase food!!
While most might’ve moved on, the PNC know they don’t need more than 5000 votes to return. Following Hoyte’s lead, they would’ve instituted a menu of measures to rig this time – one being providing fake IDs and birth certificates to some Haitians, Cubans, Venezuelans, etc, and get them registered. But the PNC is slick.
Knowing that the fake papers would surface, they’ve accused the PPP of handing them out before their loss!!
The PPP rigged themselves out of office in 2015?? Misdirection!!

…in corruption
Helped by a bitter PPP media foe, the PNC threw so much “corruption” mud at the former’s officials, inevitably, some of it stuck. And played not too small a role in their post-2011 loss. Immediately after winning the whole shebang in 2015, the PNC went after the PPP, threatening to lock them up and throw away the keys. Extensive audits were done and accusations hurled.
But to its credit that the PPP had rebuilt credibility in the Judiciary and the rule of law. The PNC now had to legally prove their case!! Which they haven’t been able to do, even though they created a billion-dollar outfit called SARA, staffed with some of the PPP’s most dogged enemies!
One by one, the PNC “fraud cases” have bit the dust – the latest being one about GRDB officials pilfering mega bucks.
But rather than admitting there wasn’t any fraud, the PNC persists with dangling threats!
Misdirection to hide their own corruption.

…on filth in the city
The City Public Health Officer just accused the good burgers of Georgetown of being  dirty and unsanitary in their practices. He accused them of dumping their garbage right where they live and breeding rats and other vermin.
But wasn’t it the “spiteful” PPP who’d done that??