Mother’s Day shopping sweeps Georgetown

The Mother’s Day shopping hype was evident among small vendors and large-scale establishments across Georgetown as many persons hunted for the perfect gift for their mothers.
Guyana Times visited a few popular locations on Saturday where the rush commenced during the early morning hours and continued throughout the day. Some persons also planned on opening their businesses today to provide for last minute shoppers.

Floral arrangements on display along Water Street

A florist on Water Street, Georgetown, Rawle Chin explained that many persons opted for fresh flowers this year as opposed to fragrances and other items. His flowers ranged from multi-coloured roses, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, anthurium, kalanchoes among others. It was explained that there was a slight decline in sales but nothing too alarming.
“I only come out here on holidays and so on. The Mother’s Day this year is not like the other Mother’s Day but persons are still coming out and getting what they want. You see a lot of people going for flowers. That is a popular one as we speak.”
Meanwhile, Charlene, who markets fragrances and gift items, said she has been selling for the past nine days nonstop because the response has been overwhelming. She explained that her stall on Robb Street will be opened on Mother’s Day as well to cater for late consumers.
“I must say that Mother’s Day is one of the biggest day for us. We make gift items and it is quick for persons to just come by and grab one because its well presents and all. Usually, persons would come on the day to get something so I will be here in the morning to assist them,” she explained.
Over at the Guyana Stores, persons were capitalising on the cutbacks being offered. The lawns were occupied with some of the products and Assistant Manager Radesh Pitamber stated that the outdoor sales have attracted scores of persons.
“We do it out on the lawn here and it’s a Mother’s Day sale for every single thing so this is a time to save. You’re getting from 30 to 50 per cent off most of what we have.”
One shopper, Cassidy, explained that she opted for customised gift items this year since they were trending online and in some stores.
This period of time also features the Mother and Daughter Pageant, which was held on Saturday night at the National Cultural Centre, featuring two categories. (Rupa Seenaraine)