Motor racing on high wave

After the installation of floodlights at the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) facility in the capital city, Georgetown, this popular sporting entity was in for business. Predominantly, cricket has taken the lead as our favourite sports in Guyana, but motor racing continues to wave high having seen resounding successes.

Their continued and annual participation in the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships also demonstrates the eagerness the sport generally possesses and the rewards over the past three decades epitomize the massive growth and accomplishments.

Thousands of motor racing aficionados turned up at the sports’ main venue at South Dakota Circuit also is a testimony for the popularity we have come to witness; the sports is making steady and magnificent progress to be the leading one.

The latest introduction of Go-Kart competition at the venue in the country’s capital really signaled the profound interest that this organization has to make this less-intense racing producing some thrills and skills.

Even this is a minority to the more gigantic motor racing events, it already attracted overseas competitors only to enhance the standard that has quickly been achieved.

The monthly Rental Endurance Race for 600 and 500lb categories was already deemed successful and eventful while the inaugural GT Motorsports further portraying the sports’ beauty and deep followers after the Club was flocked with die-hard spectators.

Newly elected President Rameez Mohammed must be complimented for all these initiatives and more importantly keeping the cohesion of the sports flourishing.

Well, they say new broom always sweeps clean, let us hope that Mohammed is frequently attending his drawing boards for new ideas.

Past bossmen of the organization would have encountered an assortment of difficulties and were able to tackle them in an effective manner.

But what has transpired so far really shows that Motor racing has gone immensely high.

Needless to say the enormous amount of money that is injected into this expensive sport and these rich men never seem daunting as they continue to exhibit their fancy racing vehicles and go-karts.

After the completion of those two Go-Karting activities, Mohammed spoke enthusiastically about the racers and the spectacle it created. He also stated that his fellow executives would have done a dedicated job to make the event a reality.

When plying their trade whether in local or international competitions, vehicles tend to be dismantled after the conclusion because of the ferocious nature of the actions.

But yet again, we see the continuation of love and zeal for motor racing. They are refurbished and run again.

Guyana can be argued strongly as one of the best motor racing countries around the Caribbean and Central America because of not only for its accomplishments but also for its consistency with sporting events of all magnitudes.

The other car categories certainly provided rich entertainment and no doubt the men on the Super bikes churned out similar performances to entertain the crowd.

The Guyana Motor Racing fraternity is indebted to super bike racer Kevin Graham for his unwavering and passionate contribution. He would have started to ride at a very young age for Guyana and never stopped until the age of 43. He led Guyana to numerous victories and his experience was vitally important to help the Guyanese contingent hopes alive at Dover Park, Jamaica or Bushy Park in Barbados on a yearly basis.

All three tracks on home soil, Bushy and Dover Parks are totally different in shapes and dimension and what Graham and Vieira had done on them was remarkable!

Graham rode with confidence and emerged victorious before Vieira took over and splendidly continued the winning streaks for Guyana. In all divisions we are seeing racers waving the chequered flags continually.