Moving on… with democracy?

That Lebanese fella Kahlil Gibran had a way with words, and one of his aphorisms has stuck: the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on.” But the sentence that completed the thought is hardly mentioned, “Nor all thy piety nor all thy wit, can cancel half a line of it.” Meaning that once you’ve done something good or bad, no one – even God (piety) can undo it. In a word, in the real world of action and reaction, there’s no relevance to the word “forgiveness”. Call it “karma” or what you want, “as you sow, so shall you reap”!!
Well, it’s now been four years since the famous No Confidence Motion (NCM) in Parliament revealed the unchanged nature of the PNC. They’d been hiding under the fig leaf of “APNU” – and your Eyewitness hopes they realise that payback’s a bitch…even when it comes from the “moving finger”. In other words, that said finger can be a middle finger!!
So, let’s look at what happened since that famous night of Dec 20, 2018. Directly after, both Granger and Nagamootoo, President and Prime Minister (dem seh!) waxed eloquent about the existence of “true” democracy being reaffirmed!! The centuries-old Parliamentary tradition that if a Government couldn’t muster a majority on a vote, it has to resign was accepted as honouring the fundamental principle of democratic representative government!! Even though there were the now plaintive wails of “No, Charran! No! No! No!”, and a few well-directed elbow blows, all were proud we were following the rule of law!!
But after the next day – obviously following the dawning of realisation that they couldn’t plunge their hands at will into the (money) jar any longer for gold bracelets, bedroom sets, or whatever!! – it became a different story!! They suddenly “discovered” that even though they’d been elected to Government through a 33-32 MAJORITY in the 65-member House, when their MP Charrandas voted with the PPP on the NCM, to give the PPP 33 votes, that wasn’t the majority any longer!!
And this is the fundamental political action that the PNC’s gonna have to live with its consequences for decades to come!! How will they ever live down the ridicule from the region and beyond – represented by no other than the eminent Justices in the CCJ! – that they were willing to violate the Lil ABC rule on basic arithmetic just to hold on to power!! The rigging of March 2020 should’ve surprised absolutely no one! Also, the PNC’s gonna have to live with its conscience when it insisted that all the diplomats of the western embassies had to be hallucinating when they saw the rigging with their own eyes!!
Do these PNC people think anyone with take their allegations of discrimination and an “emerging apartheid state” seriously??

…in Fiji??
PNC loyalists insist that Burnham played an outsized role in world politics. But he’d be proud how his followers haven’t only kept up the tradition, but raised it to unimaginable heights. The PNC now influences states as large as the USA – the lone superpower standing – and as small as Fiji, that (strategic) dot in the Pacific Ocean!!
Think of it!! Wasn’t it right after Guyana’s incumbent President Granger – Burnham’s one-time protégé in the GDF – denied that the PPP won the elections because of all sorts of voting “malpractices“, such as the dead and migrated exercising their franchise – that US President Donald Trump did the same?? And don’t think it was coincidence. Didn’t Pompeo visit??
Now, over in Fiji, the ruling Fiji First party refuses to concede the election, and instead is waiting until MPs elect the new PM during the first session of Parliament. That’s the rule, but the session – scheduled for 21 December – has been delayed with no announcement from the President!!
As Indians’ homes are stoned.

…on security
You could’ve knocked your Eyewitness over with a feather!! Hamilton Green advising the PPP on Presidential security?? But after all is said and done, who knows the chinks in Guyana’s security apparatus more than Green?
From the inside!!