NA man busted with over 4 pounds of ganja

A New Amsterdam, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) man was busted on Friday evening with more than one kilogram of ganja at his Tucburg Park home.
The Police stated that based on a tip-off, they went to the man’s home to search for arms, ammunition, narcotics, and stolen articles. It was during the search the cannabis was found hidden in several sections of the house.
During the search, officers checked in the bathroom ceiling and found one brown pillowcase with 49 small transparent ziplock bags and one brown ice-cream container containing ganja.
The 20-year-old man was cautioned, told of the offence, and arrested.
Further checks were carried out in the home and a transparent container containing another brown ice cream container was found with several small ziplock bags filled with cannabis.
The officers also found a basket containing tobacco leaves in one of the bedrooms of the home. In addition, they unearthed a string bag with a quantity of ziplock bags, one black parcel wrapped in transparent plastic wrap and one black garbage bag containing a quantity of ganja. The cannabis was weighed and amounted to 1.9 kilograms (4.18 pounds).
The Police also discovered two electronic scales and seven pairs of scissors.