Nafico on board with “Big Man Cricket”

Nalico/Nafico representative Vikash Persaud hands over the sponsorship cheque to BMC Chairman Raj Singh

North American Fire & General Insurance Company Limited (Nafico) of Regent and Hinck Streets, Georgetown, is the latest entity to join the growing list of sponsors of the “Big Man Cricket” (BMC) tournament, which is scheduled to commence on Saturday, March 13, 2021.
Nafico and North American Life Insurance Company Limited (Nalico) are two of the largest life and general insurance companies with 15 branches across Guyana.
Nalico and Nafico are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Edward B Beharry & Co Ltd.
Nalico offers a wide range of life, health, pension and annuity products. Nafico offers a wide range of property, liability and motor insurance products.
Basil Mahadeo, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer, readily agreed to co-sponsor the “Big Man Cricket” tournament, since he believes it would help to get our senior cricketers more actively involved in the game of cricket which ultimately would lead to healthier lifestyles and enhancement of the community. (BMC release)