Nestlé’s “Do some good” campaign continues

Nestlé is continuing its “Do some good” campaign with an aim of promoting goodwill and giving persons a much needed “feel good” boost.
The campaign was launched at the Berbice Bus Park, with the company dedicating Guyana’s first National Day of Goodness, to giving back to the community through random acts of kindness.

A Nestlé Svelty’s Milk team member interacting with members of the public
A Nestlé Svelty’s Milk team member interacting with members of the public

“The premise of the campaign is simple… even the smallest gesture can have a big impact, especially in challenging economic times,” the company said a statement to the media.
According to Nestle’s Consumer Marketing Manager Shaeeza Mohammed- Chanderbally, “Nestlé understands that while Governments play a significant role in alleviating socio-economic issues, so too should corporate entities and Nestle acknowledges that we have a part to play as well. At the very least, we wanted to let our consumers know that we care and put a smile on their faces with the acts of kindness and fantastic in-store deals.”
So far, the campaign has been using several means of celebrating goodwill. On June 3, Nestlé Svelty’s Milk team, accompanied by local media personality Feliz Robertson and the Unity Ambassadors, ventured to the Berbice Bus Park where they met and interacted with members of the public. The team, through the campaign, sponsored bus fares, distributed balloons and chocolates and offered healthy milkshakes from Nestlé Svelty Milkshake stations, all free of charge.
It was further explained that for the past month, the campaign has taken place nationwide.