Nigel’s Supermarket reopens; promises competitive prices, superb customer service

The New Nigel’s Supermarket on Friday reopened its doors under new ownership promising affordable prices to all Guyanese, as well as the best customer service.
At the opening, the proprietor of the supermarket, Otillo Pereira said the store officially opens for business today.

Lights on. The New Nigel’s Supermarket reopens for business

The Supermarket will be open from 07:00h to 23:00h on weekdays and 08:00h to 11:00h on weekends and holidays.
Pereira said he always had a vision of being the owner of such an edifice but was indeed shocked when the previous owner, Nigel Johnson, told him he believes he has what it takes to expand the business.
The Supermarket has been around for at least 20 years and is known to many Guyanese who look forward to shopping in comfort while benefitting from a wide variety of perfectly priced goods.
The air-conditioned environment welcomed scores into the building with warm greetings from some 60 employees, who have already been hired, at the opening.
The spacious aisles cater for a comfortable shopping experience and a number of cashiers are available to ensure the lines are kept short.
On the note of lines, Pereira told Guyana Times that a special cashier will attend to customers who hold a VIP card. Loyalty cards are also obtainable which gains points for the customer every time they shop in the store.
He said, “I am not here just about the competition because if you give the people what they want, the people will find you wherever you are and my vision in keeping the market is to keep the people”.
“We will supply good customer service (and) we will find out what the people want…if it’s with good price, if it’s with good quality, if it’s based on relationship,” Pereira posited.
He assured that the supermarket had done a survey to check on their competitors’ prices which guarantees that the New Nigel’s Supermarket is the best place to shop all year round.
Nigel’s Supermarket was forced to close its services a few years ago after it encountered some challenges. The New Nigel’s is, however, back on the market.