No discrimination or victimisation under PPP/C Govt

Dear Editor,
The Government appears to have a firm grip on every situation that has affected its people regardless of how they voted during the last elections.
The Government is not holding grudges or watching faces when they are offering people a scholarship or house lot or land. Even more surprising and despite what the Opposition is saying, there appears to be no discrimination or victimisation occurring under their watch.
There appears, for all intents and purposes, to be fair, transparent, and easy access to services being developed or insisted upon. And, I think that’s very important when you are in the business sector and Private Sector enterprise.
There is just one thing that I think is crucial to Guyana getting back accustomed to doing business is there must be efficiency when dealing with businesses or people. People are getting frustrated because of the long lines and time for them to get access to Government services. Some of them have to come a long way very early with specific types of documentation only to see the crowd or a surprising build-up. The Government should fix this urgently.
In the meantime, the Government and Guyanese should not allow the Opposition to distract them from doing their businesses and ventures. After every single time, they lead them down the wrong road or get them worked up and even excited about something that never ever occurs or happens how the Opposition says it would happen. Just look at their disastrous reign in the courts locally and regionally. Does the Opposition have real lawyers? Does it get advice before?
Go on with your day and let them squeal. It will be business as usual.

Yours truly,
Attiya Baksh