Norton pleased with rebranding of Washington Redskins

With the United States and the wider world being hyper-sensitive on the topic of racism and discrimination, the issue has been swiftly highlighted in sport.
From athletes protesting to solidarity being shown through uniform redesigns, sportsmen and women have stepped up to the plate. The most recent of these acts saw the owners and stakeholders of the Washington Redskins considering a name change.

The soon-to-be-changed team logo

Social Cohesion Minister, Dr George Norton is pleased that efforts have begun to change the name of the American football team known as the Washington Redskins.
The team have faced years of pressure over a name that has long been seen as offensive and derogatory to Native Americans. The push for rebranding comes amid massive global protests against racism, following the death of George Floyd in the United States.
These protests have also led to heightened pressure from the team’s sponsors, and so a new name will be used.
Dr Norton, who also holds responsibility for culture, youth and sport, believes that corporate entities such as FedEx must be applauded for making a global statement that racism, or anything resembling it, has no place in sports.
“At times when the world is nonsensically divided by differences, sport has been and will continue to be a constant and crucial vehicle to drive unity and cohesion. This is why we must ensure that the global sports community is free from tarnish,” Minister Norton said.
Dr Norton is hopeful that this move and what it means would resonate with the local sports fraternity.