OF-BJP urges continued positive economic, political ties between India, US

Chief of the Overseas Friends of the Bharatiya Janata Party (OF-BJP), Vijay Chauthaiwale of India has identified possible hiccups in the relationship between India and the United States of America following the succession of Donald Trump to the White House.

Vijay Chauthaiwale President of Overseas Friends of Bharatiya Janata Party

The General Secretary of OF-BJP in an interview with the Business Standard (a local newspaper in India) said that the India-US association will be more “transactional” under the current administration, as compared to when Obama was on the frontline. He indicated possible contentions on trade policy and with the issuing of H1B Visas (Work Permits), but said the party hopes for positive ties during the Trump Administration; and he noted that the Trans Pacific Partnership will provide leeway for bilateral negotiations with countries, including the US.
Chauthaiwale was at the time speaking to a journalist of the Business Standard regarding several matters of diplomatic relationships between India and their geographic, economic and political ties. The member of the powerful overseas support group of the leading party also addressed the Prime Minister’s impending visit to Israel and the Party’s position regarding current international affairs.
Chauthaiwale noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been able to make significant strides in his foreign policy agenda with just the first half of his tenure completed. Given his domestic popularity, the PM has been compared to other successful leaders, such as Indira Gandhi, probing questions of his intentions to solve intractable problems with neighbouring territories such as China, and the longstanding feud with Pakistan. The Chief of International Affairs pointed out that India-China relationship remains civil, while matters with the Muslim nation rest in the hands of Islamabad and that country’s anti-terrorists measures.
The Prime Minister is set to go to Israel for an anticipated historic visit, as Vijay Chauthaiwale made mention of the good personal equation between the Prime Minister of Israel and PM Modi.
The journalist also inquired about the recent fall-out with India and West Asian territories. As questions were raised concerning a possible visit to Palestine. The party representative stated, “It is not for me to say whether he will visit Palestine or not.” He went on to say, “I think we need to build strong relationship with all major countries in West Asia.”
Chauthaiwale affirmed: “Even though the countries have conflicting interests with themselves, India has been deftly able to manage the equations and look out for furthering India’s interests.”
Commenting on the Brexit Situation, Vijay Chauthaiwale was noncommittal, noting that it is better to wait to see how matters unfold. However, he did mention that it may open new avenues for interactions between India and UK, but highlighted the anti-immigration trend as being one of several issues that can emerge.
The politician shed light on India’s position as a nation, and indicated possible changes which the party has already taken or may possibly take. “Our nationalism is not exclusive,” Chauthaiwale said, as he explained that the leaders of the party share no particular commonality with other nationalist leaders emerging in the world. However, he did say that the situation is evolving. The party has embarked on advocacy initiatives pertaining to the interest of the India Diaspora in foreign countries. Efforts to protect Indians in the US and Australia were highlighted, especially given that this approach has never been taken before.