On Jackasses…

…in politics
If the PNC’s politics didn’t descend into violence so often, one may call them “juvenile”. But then, juveniles can become little savages, can’t they?? Remember the “Lord of the Flies”?? Like juveniles, the PNC are very prone to name-calling. Remember them calling opponents of their 1978 Referendum “mice”?? Or dubbing the WPA the “Worst Possible Alternative”, and smirking smugly at their “clever” wordplay??
But they were outplayed when Rodney dubbed their maximum leader “King Midas” with a twist: things touched by Burnham were turned yellow all right – but not gold!! Something soft and stinky!!
Rodney was making a classical allusion, and implicitly complimenting his audience for knowing what he was talking about.
When the PNC were in opposition in 2015, their new leader David Granger, who’d vowed to continue Burnham’s “legacy”, told an elite audience of the GMSA that “Guyana was a land of jaguars led by Jackasses”. Army-man Granger was imitating Rodney by paraphrasing a British General during World War I, who’d referred to the British Infantry as being “Lions led by donkeys”.
He was obviously referring to President Ramotar and his Cabinet, who were then “leading Guyana”, but denied this when he was called out. The point is: from his denial, Granger clearly meant the reference to be a very insulting one – note him changing “donkeys” to the more vulgar “jackasses”. And this explains him filing a complaint to the Police that the Opposition Leader had called him and Nagamootoo “jackasses” at Babu Jaan last month. He clearly felt this was done with the same degree of spitefulness he’d used against Ramotar. He was outraged!
One has to be impressed by the intelligence-gathering capabilities of the PPP Opposition, because they immediately issued a release that the Police were planning to arrest Jagdeo when he returned from his US trip. Chastened by their plans being blown, the Police instead swooped down on the Opposition Leader’s office on Wednesday, where they questioned him on the alleged “Jackass” statement as well as a “chase them out” one.
The irony, of course, is Jagdeo hadn’t even referred to Granger and Nagamootoo as “jackasses”, but as “Judases” – which is THE trope for betrayal. And this was exactly why Jagdeo was telling Berbicians not to make them welcome – “chase them out” – after reneging on their campaign promise to keep sugar going!!
But your Eyewitness believes Granger shouldn’t have been so petty to bring the Police into the matter. He should’ve taken the lead of President Ramotar; or, better yet, of Democratic US President Andrew Jackson, who, when called a “jackass” by his opponent, embraced it as a “strong-willed animal”.
Which then became the symbol of the Democrats!

…versus sheep
Now, what do you call people who accept the brazen fraud committed by this PNC-led Government on the CJIA “modernisation”? Sheep or Jackasses? Let’s look at the facts. Back in 2013, when it was revealed that the Chinese company CHEC had extended a US$135 million loan to bring CJIA into the 21st century, the PNC cried “FRAUD!!” The PPP had strategised that, based on its location on the northern coast of South America, CJIA could become a major hub serving the Caribbean, northern Brazil, Africa and the rest of South America. But for that, we needed a world class airport. The PNC scoffed!!
The airport agreed to by the PPP for the loan was to have completely new arrival and departure buildings, with 8 air bridges, an extended airstrip, parking lots, extended apron etc etc. The PNC took over in 2015; paid an additional US$12 million; but accepted an oppressively low, rehabilitated departure area; 4 air bridges, and shoddy workmanship everywhere!
So, if the project was “fraudulent” under the PPP, what’s it now under the PNC??
And should Guyanese bray, or bleat??

…and commuters
No. Your Eyewitness isn’t talking about all those donkey carts that still ply our roadways.
He’s referring to those who believed the MPI Minister when he promised a new DHB by 2020!!