Opportunities exist for GuySuCo to have a secure future

Dear Editor,
One of the daily newspapers on July 19, 2017 carried a report titled “Berbicians informed of ‘New GuySuCo’ plans for Rose Hall Estate”. In the report, GuySuCo’s Communication Officer, Ms Audreyanna Thomas is reported, among other things, to have said “that the New GuySuCo will include, the Plantation White, which will be evaluated to replace the low priced bulk raw sugar”.
After reading the report, I did some research where I learnt that Plantation White is a new form of white sugar, which is produced in a non-traditional manner. My reading also advised me that Plantation White is not a product that has gained much traction, since it is still lacking many characteristics to be considered as White Sugar in a contemporary sense.
Having had this much information, it is incomprehensible that GuySuCo is going along a path to possibly produce a product, which is not accepted by the market. Furthermore, what is GuySuCo’s contingency should the new Skeldon owner set up a sugar refinery and produce true White Sugar. I recall that the Indian investors who visited the Skeldon factory, according to the press, expressed the idea to have a refinery established there.
It is disturbing for me, Editor, that GuySuCo which has so much opportunity for a secure future is just giving it away to foreigners, who will take even more wealth from Guyanese.

Yours sincerely,
Patricia Persaud