Opposition Leader must stop the political grandstanding and recognise Guyana’s President

Dear Editor,
Guyana’s Opposition Leader, Mr Joseph Harmon, is still contending that Dr Irfaan Ali is not the legitimate President of Guyana, and says he would not recognise Dr Ali’s status as Head of State.
In my view, such a display of political grandstanding by the Opposition Leader is a case of “dolly house affair”.
Of note, the most honourable course for Mr Joseph Harmon, if he continues to disregard Dr Irfaan Ali as President of Guyana, is to resign forthwith as Opposition Leader, and give way…in order for good sense and goodwill to prevail.
If Dr Ali’s position as President is considered illegitimate, Mr Joseph Harmon’s position as Opposition Leader would equally be considered illegitimate, and null & avoid as well.

Sincerely yours,
Paul Ramrattan