Our poisoned food

Dear Editor,
Over the years, repeatedly, I’ve penned my concerns regarding farmers lacing their produce, mainly fruits and vegetables, with chemicals and putting it on the market without giving the produce the due time for the chemicals to work out.
Under the previous and current Administrations, I’ve complained and ironically, those responsible fail to act or address this issue properly.
Today you go to the market, make your purchase, store it either in or out of a refrigerator and chances are that most of it would be in a condition that you would end up discarding a good amount because it became inedible. Our country is still in the stone age in terms of medical testing and I am quite certain that the drugs in the fruits/vegetables cause some sort of effects unto us and is not being monitored properly.
Government alone is not responsible for this lapse, there are various agencies responsible for monitoring and carrying out random checks but are failing.
These people are getting paid to do a job and they are either not doing it or are taking bribes. Those found wanting should be dismissed and others should be given a chance. That’s the only way we will have an effective system.
Editor, at this present time, it’s the season for mangoes and without a doubt, it’s the most widely selling fruit, green or ripe. There is a chemical popularly known as ripening/ripener, which is being used on vegetables and fruits to get them ripe before their ripening period.
When the mango is close to being ripe (most people say half ripe/full/ turn) they would put the chemical on the fruits or vegetables. Now there are vendors going around purchasing mangoes (buying out all the mangoes from the tree) and taking them home and soaking them in chemicals to get them ripe. Sometimes, or in most cases, these mangoes are extra green and they are being put in chemicals to get ripe.
Now you innocently make a purchase and if you don’t eat all of it the same day, it would turn black or have abnormal black spots inside, making it inedible. This is a new development and many fruits, especially mangoes, banana, etc are being forced to ripe before their time.
As I said before, there are people getting paid to do their jobs and they are not doing it. At any given day, you could go to Stabroek Market and you would see people buying and getting either underweight or expired items and the only time raids are being conducted is when someone in higher authority says something. We are not moving/heading anywhere and it’s sad.

Sahadeo Bates