Out of the mouth…

…of the sycophant
The State-owned Chronic’s been under the gun recently. Part of the reason is its obvious misapprehension it’s actually “Government-owned”. And consequently had to be the handmaiden of the Minister of Information. Of course, we all know that a “handmaiden” was originally a servant of a Biblical wife who “offered out” the servant for her husband “to lie with”. Not so incidentally, our Minister of Information is in fact our Prime Minister who emphasised “marriage” between his “AFC” and President Granger’s APNU. After the “marriage”, there has been no doubt who was the “man” and who was “on top”.
Be as it may, the “handmaiden” Chronic went so far to “lie with” President Granger, it actually doctored a front page pic to make the latter look good. But in its umpteenth editorial to explain away its handmaiden status, yesterday the Chronic made an interesting observation. In the tradition of “Mouth open; story jump out”, discussing the challenges of a political marriage with multiple partners (not to mention handmaidens) the Chronic pointed out the identity of one it had hitherto denied:
“There is also the group of ex-soldiers whom some have argued represent an independent force in the coalition.” Imagine that! Out of the mouth of handmaidens and concubines! “Some”??? The PPP had raised this issue even before the new Government took over when several big wigs from the armed forces hit the campaign trail. Dr Luncheon raised fears of a “military government”. After the Government was formed and even more military types were drafted in as “advisors” to the President and running all sorts of projects, the alarm intensified.
The Government said it was a tempest in a teapot and since none of the other marriage partners…umm….”coalition” partners complained, the alarm bells became muffled. But here it is, right from the mouth of the handmaiden to the PM comes the articulation of the “military threat from within”!!
Now we know the PM and his AFC have already placed their concerns on the agenda of the coalition that one ex-military officer – namely Joseph Harmon – seems to be an “independent force”, which is too powerful to boot. Have the fears of the AFC now mushroomed to incorporate the entire phalanx of military comrades in the Government as an “independent force”?
President Granger had indicated now that the first anniversary of the marriage is nigh upon us (to continue with the Biblical lingo!), he was going to arrange a retreat to discuss the challenges in the concubinage arrangements.
We do hope he realises that the concerns of his Minister of Information goes beyond Harmon – and to “an independent military force” in the coalition.
Forewarned is forearmed?

…of the prophet
Last February, according to the Press Release from his office, Prezzie conducted a recon on GuySuCo’s headquarters at Ogle. And revealed it was being considered for conversion into the “Public Service Staff College” to conduct APNU/AFC’s promised training for public servants. This is now confirmed. The thought that immediately popped into this Eyewitness’ head is why didn’t the Administration launch this College as part of UG – which could certainly use the funding and broadening of its programme?
The second one was, “if any institution in Guyana needs management training, God it has to be GuySuCo! So why not use it for them? After all, that’s what the building’d been used for by Bookers in its “Guyanisation” drive back in the day, nuh? And those managers regularly produced 350,000+ tonnes of sugar annually with their hundred-year-old factories.
But maybe the President thinks that’ll be throwing good money after bad?

…of dissemblers
Over in Berbice, with his huge entourage, PM Nagamootoo said they were only doing their “civic duty” as they squeezed the flesh and played “Santa Claus”.
“This is not a propaganda exercise,” he swore.
Now why would he suspect folks could possibly think that?