Patterson rehashing an old Burnhamite illegal law

Dear Editor,
It has happened just the way we predicted weeks ago, that is the Alliance For Change (AFC) David Patterson riding into Berbice as the knight in shining armour. He has, as it were, came to the rescue of the hapless citizens of Berbice; or is it? I think differently, I see this as another election gimmickry to again somehow squeeze votes out of Berbicians.
This tactic was tried in the lead up to the 2015 General Elections when Nagamootoo and Ramjattan fooled Berbicians into voting for them with that “we will never close the sugar estates” talk. They came as the saviours of Berbice then and quite frankly were believed by some gullible Berbicians who threw their votes on the AFC’s side. The sad reality of all of that is soon after taking office, the same Nagamootoo and Ramjattan sat in council and quickly closed the sugar estates and fired over 5000 workers in the Berbice area. A pretty tough way to love voters who faithfully trusted you and persons to whom you told just weeks before that you were going to protect their wellbeing?
So let us fast forward to 2018, here we have an AFC point man, Dr Surendra Persaud, speaking of a 365 per cent hike in bridge toll – this time coming on the very same day of another election. Isn’t it odd that something like this could happen at election time? Even if you have half a brain, you could see through this intricately woven ruse of the AFC in another attempt at pandemonium politics. The trick is first get Berbicians all hyped-up into a panic mode by that announcement of a steep toll rise, then Patterson would ride into town with that rescue package of his.
Note his words, “in light of the planned increase in tolls, the Government yesterday assumed temporary control over the operation of the Berbice River Bridge and promised to retain the present toll structure as it seeks to find an amicable resolution to its ongoing dispute with the concessionaire the Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI).” Very nice words for the fools they mistakenly believe Berbicians are?
Now what is Patterson telling us? Is he telling us that they are going to eventually buy over the bridge and the affairs of the said bridge would be managed by his Government? I don’t think so, I think Patterson is rehashing an old Burnhamite illegal law which gives him the right to forcefully take over private property. This policy of Burnham was practiced to good advantage when that party was in Government. They bullied a number of private business owners into giving up their properties without compensation, the same situation the BBCI Company is faced with right now. This further tells you that this matter is going to have serious legal implications in the long-term.
Now, I deliberately left out the words “threat to public safety” used by Patterson and this is my main concern at the moment. I am in the least interested in Patterson and his Government’s publicity stunts, they are all about surviving what is an inevitable situation them, so try any which way to put up a good show to the public; in this case the Berbice public.
However, what I am most concerned about is the fact that this “control” of the bridge they are talking about does it entail a financial control also? Would all the maintenance and affiliated costs of this bridge’s smooth operation be adequately addressed? For a Government that is known for its non-economic, backward stance in management of anything, is this bridge’s affairs in for that kind of treatment also? These are legitimate questions that require urgent answers.
So, would my heart be in my hand when I face another crossing over this bridge? Yes I will, the point is with this present Administration I have all reasons to be fearful?

Neil Adams