PNC’s narrative…

…on corruption
The stench of corruption enveloping the PNC/AFC Administration got so bad that even some of its fervent supporters can’t squeeze their noses any longer. Especially now it’s a cert the CCJ’s gonna mandate elections sometime later this year. The latest to join in the chorus of criticism is a dyed-in-the-wool PNCite, Kean Gibson, who teaches at UWI, Barbados.
She doesn’t understand why Granger’s tolerating the “normalisation” of corruption!! After all, from the word “go!” on May 11, 2015, you’d think his Ministers had been champing at their bits and pawing the ground impatiently to get their hands into the nation’s cookie jar.
You know the old saw that “the best way to rob a bank is to own one”? Well, it’s clear the PNC’s mantra was “the best way to loot a state is to govern one”!! After all, some of the skullduggery could now be passed off as “legal”, even though it’s not legitimate!!
Like the 50 per cent salary raise for all Ministers; $500,000 house rentals for some; $3 million/annual scholarships while supposedly “working” full time; jetting to Texas to be wooed by big oil etc. etc. Then came the “off the books” looting, like the unaccounted-for $500 million from the “Jubilee Park! And this just in the first few months!
These were followed by so may “gates” – pharmagate, warehousegate, bonusgate, Bridgegate, contractgate, etc – that the term “gated community” got a whole new meaning: a Cabinet of venal ministers!! Oh, what a trail of sleaze it’s been!
But hold it!! It’s not the PNC’s fault at all!! So why should Granger be asked to do anything? And whose fault it is? Well…duh!!! It’s the PPP’s, of course!! Well, at least that’s how the PNC explained the tsunami of corruption they unleased over the land during the last 4 years.
“Emerging from a past that was characterized by ‘pervasive corruption’ and systemic political patronage, it had become a gigantic task for our Government to combat and reduce acts of institutionalized criminality, corrupt practices, and discourage conflict of interest situations”!!
In the four years in office, they haven’t been able to prove a SINGLE CASE OF PPP CORRUPTION, even though they “shook up” the Police top brass; conducted 4 dozen forensic audits; boosted the Intelligence branches, and sicced SOCU and SARA at the PPP with the audit “findings”!!
But yet the PPP Svengalis have been pulling the strings to make these poor PNC Ministers do all those dastardly corrupt deeds!
“Political patronage”? The PPP must’ve hypnotised Volda Lawrence to say that her Government only has “wuk for friends and PNC members”!!
Will no one rid us of the PPP? Hold it! They were thrown out 4 years ago!!

…in stirring up religious hate
Kean Gibson didn’t just call on Granger to clean up the Augean Stables of corruption in his administration, she excused him for being “naïve” on the issue. In her estimation, on the other hand, the PPP has a “religious” compulsion for corruption. Well…well…well!! The silly season has well and truly begun, hasn’t it? In addition to the “ethnic” dog whistle, we now have “religious” proclivities of the dastardly PPP!!
What religion? Gibson doesn’t pull any punches: it’s Hinduism, of course!! And since “several PPP leaders control important Hindu organisations and institutions”, they HAVE to be controlling the corruption imperative!!
Your Eyewitness supposes, by this logic, that Somalia and South Sudan – rated as the two most corrupt countries in the world – must be run by those conniving Hindus!!
But never mind. The PNC’s fighting for huge stakes – control of the biggest windfall Guyana will probably receive for all times. The stakes don’t get higher than that. They’ll use ever dirty trick in the book to win.
But it’s Guyana that’ll lose in the end.

…on crime
Crime rivals corruption as being on the top of Guyanese concerns. But guess what? The PNC’s ode to its “accomplishments” doesn’t even mention it!! And here they’d boasted so much about their “crime fighting” prowess!
Cat got their tongue??