Police hunting ECD man for impregnating 14-year-old

…who was forced to abort earlier pregnancy with black-pepper concoction

Ranks of the Guyana Police Force are currently hunting for a 22-year-old East Coast Demerara (ECD) man after it was discovered that he allegedly impregnated a 14-year-old girl for the second time.
The teen was on Friday rescued after the man’s mother allegedly forced her to drink a black-pepper concoction in an effort to abort the child, but when she refused, the woman allegedly slammed her head into a wall as she began physically abusing her.
Guyana Times spoke with the teen, who was at the time accompanied by neighbours who had rescued her.
This publication was told that the teenager lives in an abusive ECD Squatting Area home with her step-father and mother.
The young lady related to this newspaper that her parents were in the habit of imbibing and would constantly physically abuse her and her siblings.
Her alleged molester is said to be a relative of her step-father and he had come to live with them at their residence some time ago, after which the two developed a relationship.
The teenage girl said that when it was discovered that she was pregnant, her mother and stepfather abused her, causing her to flee along with her paramour.
This was in June last, at which point in time the teen was already pregnant and was made to have an abortion.
She told Guyana Times that the man’s mother had given her the same black-pepper concoction which she had boiled with some other spices.
Within a few months however, the teen said she was pregnant again.
The young lady told Guyana Times that she was constantly abused by both the 22-year-old man and his mother, displaying scars on her hands said to be caused when the man would extinguish lit cigarettes on her skin.
She said things took a turn for the worse when the young man’s mother again prepared a black-pepper concoction to abort the baby – for a second time within a matter of months – but she refused.
The girl told Guyana Times, “When me tell she no, she bunks ma head on the wall and I start seeing dark.”
She said as soon as she regained her senses, she shoved the woman out of the way and ran for help.
The neighbours who rescued the young lady spoke of repeated abuse by the teenager’s stepfather and mother.
Even more worrying, they told Guyana Times that they had taken the girl to the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) but were told that the Agency could not keep the girl at the moment since it did not have accommodation.
CCPA Director Ann Greene was contacted and told Guyana Times that she was on leave at the moment, but the officials at the Agency had acted improperly, because as long as a 14-year-old is pregnant for a 22-year-old man, it is clearly a crime and the young lady is in need of immediate protection.
She has since promised to urgently look into the matter.
The young lady was subsequently taken to the Police Station after an intervention on the part of Guyana Times.
The teenager was immediately taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, accompanied by Police Ranks, to obtain a medical, while another Police team was dispatched to arrest the man.
Up to press time, it was unclear if he had been arrested.