Police reach dead end in investigations

Pensioner’s murder at Kuru Kururu

One month after 66-year-old Terence Alstrom of Track B Kuru Kururu, Linden-Soesdyke Highway, was found dead in his yard with a chop to his head, the police are yet to crack the case.

Dead: Terence Alstrom

To date, the case remains a mystery according to Regional Commander Kurleigh Simon, who spoke with Guyana Times on Sunday.
Alstrom lived alone at his farmhouse, which is about two miles in the Kuru Kururu Backdam. According to the man’s children, they saw him alive one day before he was brutally murdered.
It was reported that one of the man’s son tried to contact his father via mobile phone but did not get through. In light of this development, the man travelled to his father’s house where he saw his father’s motionless body clad in a towel lying face down in the yard.
As such, the police were summoned to the area. Upon arriving, an examination on the body revealed that the pensioner sustained a chop to his head along with bruises to his upper back.
Robbery was ruled out since the man’s house was intact but his cellular phone was missing.
A post-mortem performed on the man’s remains proved that he died as a result of blunt trauma to the head.
Meanwhile, the Commander stated that the police will continue their Investigations until the perpetrators are caught and prosecuted.