New Public Service Minister’s priority is to focus on scholarship programme

Mere days after being sworn-in as Public Service Minister, Sonia Parag has commenced work with a priority focus on improving the services provided under her Ministry.

Public Service Minister
Sonia Parag

The new Minister, in an interview with Guyana Times, said that her dream is to see Guyana blossom but with respect to her Ministry, she intends to address the issues in the scholarship department.
The Minister underscored that one of her main goals, as she embarks on this new journey, is to have the citizenry involved, especially the young people. As such, her aim is to see Guyanese of all walks of life benefit from scholarships.
“Definitely the scholarship department, we are looking to have an inclusive across the board regionally, inclusive set of persons that we can have the entire country be involved,” she explained.
Parag noted that she would have been briefed on the status of the Ministry while noting that upon completion of a review, she and her team will begin to implement policies deemed fit for progress.
“As it is now, we are looking at the different departments, and see what needs to be revamped, if anything, and to see where we need to implement that progress in whatever department. But so far it has just been getting a status on the Ministry itself,” the Minister noted.
In explaining the state of the Public Service Ministry, she explained that her most urgent task is to ensure that those Guyanese who returned from scholarship programmes are adequately employed.
“Right away we need to get our youths into the respective professions, or where we can place them that is applicable to where they would have studied, and what they would have accomplished through their scholarship. We are trying to see how we can have a nation filled with a public service that is professionalised, that is qualified, that is in a position to move the country forward.”
The attorney by profession underscored that she intends to revolutionise the Scholarship Division of the Ministry, by “channelling it in a way; look it is fair it is transparent it is across the board. We are looking at something when you throw it to the public, they understand what is going on, they can see for themselves that this is fairly done.”
Minister Parag, 37, is the daughter of a prominent lawyer, Hukumchand, who was a member of the People’s National Congress (PNC).