Police unearth ganja, guns, ammo in Berbice raid

Police ranks in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) swooped down on a home at No. 68 Village, Corentyne and conducted a search that unearthed a quantity of cannabis, ammunition, and a 12-guage shotgun.

The cannabis found

Based on information received, the search was initiated after the Police had received certain information on Wednesday.
During their search, the Police found a black plastic bag containing the ganja, which amounted to 84 grams when weighed; a transparent plastic bag with 6 rounds of 9mm ammunition; eight 12-gauge cartridges, and one 12-gauge single-barrel shotgun.

The ammunition found at the home

At time of the raid, two men were in the house, and they have both been taken into custody. Up to late Thursday evening, the Police were interrogating the two men.
Earlier in the year, Police found and destroyed more than $100 million in ganja at De Veldt Savannah, Upper Berbice River. During that exercise, ranks had discovered three cannabis farms measuring about 15 acres and containing roughly 600,000 ganja plants ranging in height from six inches to five feet. In addition, six makeshift camps were found.

The shotgun

A search was conducted in the area, during which one 12-gauge single-barrel shotgun, along with two live 12-gauge cartridges and one spent shell, was found. The camps were subsequently destroyed by fire.