Power surge leads to fire, Linden home destroyed

…2 homeless

A power surge in First Alley Wismar, Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), led to a fire which has left several homeless.
According to the Guyana Fire Service, it was alerted about a fire at Lot 55 First Alley Wismar, Linden at about 11:44h on Sunday.
The one floor wooden and concrete house, which was completely destroyed was owned by 99-year-old Marverine Drewley and occupied by 66-year-old Joel Drewley.
According to the Fire Service, the purported cause of the fire is an electrical power surge, which caused substandard electrical wiring to overheat.
“…this caused the thermostat of the refrigerator to fail and subsequently overheated the compressor which ignited nearby combustible materials,” the Fire Service said in a statement on Sunday evening.
According to the Fire Service, also affected by the blaze was a two-storey wooden and concrete house located at Lot 58 First Alley Wismar, Linden, owned by 87-year-old Dannly Saul and occupied by himself and his family of nine.
“Five meters of the Southern wall was severely damaged due to radiated heat from the building of origin,” the Fire Service said.
Meanwhile, the Guyana Fire Service has reminded citizens to be cautious and to follow safety measures to prevent the occurrence of a fire.
Some important measures, it said, includes, “ensure all appliances are turned off and unplugged before leaving a room or building. Never leave children unattended or within the reach of fire starters and flammable items. Never leave cooking unattended. Always keep children a safe distance from the cooking area. Desist from overloading electrical sockets eg Overloading of drop cords and power strips with various appliances.”
It has also recommended the installation of smoke detectors and the use of fire extinguishers in homes and businesses so that persons can be prepared and alerted in the event of a fire.