Pregnant woman attempts to scale NA Hospital fence

…baby delivered moments later

A pregnant woman was on Monday seen making a dash for the main gate at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital and trying to scale the fence.
Video footage shows the woman climbing to the top of the fence as security guards stand astonished.
Medical staff arrived and took her off the top of the eight-foot gate.
Shortly after the incident, the woman gave birth by way of Caesarean section (C-section).
The Regional Health Officer did not respond to the media in relation to the incident.

The pregnant woman attempting to scale the hospital fence

However, a source close to the hospital said that the woman was admitted to the maternity ward and whilst there she received information via social media about the alleged whereabouts of her partner and the activities he was indulging in while she was away.
The source said that the pregnant woman started to act erratic. After she gave birth, the hospital placed her under psychological supervision and her movements in the facility are being monitored. (G4)