Provin’… (Police) story

Everyone in Guyana knows about “provin’ story”, otherwise known as “he seh dem seh” story. In the media, it’s called “allegations”, based on “hearsay” which has come to a point where the person being gossiped about demands that the allegations be proven!! Since we Guyanese mostly talk about people – proving, your Eyewitness understands, that we’re of the “lowest minds”, as opposed to talking about events (middling minds) or, (God forbid!) ideas, which is the domain of the “highest minds” – there’s always a lot of “provin’ stories” making the rounds here, which cause tempers to flare!!
To illustrate the point, talking about “what type of governance system is best for Guyana” is talking about ideas. You don’t see people coming to blows over that, do you?? Talking about whether the May 2 elections were rigged or not is talking about an event – and yes…discussions about this do get more animated. But no blows!! However, call some names about who did the rigging and you have scenes of some big one in the society cussing out till “watah na deh fuh wash am!!”, and some pulling down their drawers and beating pots in the streets!! Or filing libel suits!! Yes…the “lowest minds” abound in all strata!!
Anyhow, right now, there’s a big “provin’ story” concerning the Police Force making the rounds – and titillating folks from Point Playa to Crabwood Creek!! Police?? Who hasn’t been hassled by these “upholders of law and order” – and shaken down for a fried rice?! And wish they’d get their comeuppance!!? Well, it’s now payback time – with a vengeance and then some!! If it weren’t being reported in our grubby parochial press, you’d swear you were looking at an even grubbier Hollywood gangster flick!!
A fella who’s part of the in-crowd of G/town is gunned down in front of the gaudiest night spot in the said town (electric, fake palm trees in the tropics??!!) – and opposite the homes of the President and Prime Minister of our fair land!!!! After a flurry of provin’ stories involving a convicted drug smuggler, the investigation peters out. Until a detective’s busted at the home of a smaller-fry drug smuggler – and his mug shot is plastered across the papers!!
Fella then begins to sing over social media better than Skeng – about guns, killings and coverups involving his boss in the GPF!! And that’s where the nasty stuff hits the fan – because he’s now calling names!! Accusations about coverups in the Police Force? Ho hum!! But call a name – especially a “big one” – well that’s a whole new game!!
Cause when one name is called, it’s like pulling a loose yarn in a sweater – the whole thing’s gonna soon unravel!!
And that’s what’s happening – and with WHAT names!!!

…you’re you
Your Eyewitness did just say that folks don’t get their dander up over ideas, didn’t he?? So, is the motion by the Opposition GECOM Commissioners that BIOMETRICS be included in the upcoming deliberations for legislation on electoral reform gonna generate heat?? Your Eyewitness doesn’t think so – even though it’s as relevant as the Police soap opera. So, if they’re smart, should the Opposition be calling names??
Well, they said they’re concerned that folks who shouldn’t have voted did vote at the last elections, and want “biometrics”. Like the fingerprints of all voters be entered on the Register/voters list, so when folks show up to vote they gotta match the records!! So maybe we’ll have some names of the dead and emigrated who voted “called” for some excitement??
Your Eyewitness doesn’t think so. All this is a repetition of the subterfuge that ID’s to be used for voting in the 1997 elections!! The PNC agreed, but then went to Court screaming “Illegality!!!”
Who’d they think they’re foolin’?

…identification versus verification
Identification is answering, “Who are you?” Your info is compared against the info of others. Verification is answering “Are you really who you say you are?” And this is matching your presented info against prerecorded info about you.