Puzzles of the 2020 Elections need solving

Dear Editor,
Spokespersons for APNU/AFC have been claiming to this day that dead and emigrated persons voted at the last elections, and that lists of the names of these persons were supplied by the Immigration Department and the GRO.
These claims continue to be made despite the majority of the persons whose names are mentioned have turned up alive and unmigrated, and have so declared themselves in the media.
Another claim made by the APNU/AFC is that certain documentation was not placed in the 49 closed canisters from the area between Better Hope to LBI by the Presiding Officers who were responsible for the voting stations which generated those documents.
A number of Presiding Officers have claimed by affidavit and otherwise that they were instructed by a certain GECOM officer to send those documents directly to him, and not to place them with the ballot boxes in the canisters.
APNU/AFC have claimed that the missing documentation means that the elections should be voided.
In August last year, the Hon Attorney General, in his TV/Facebook programme, indicated that he would investigate both matters. I don’t know whether the AG’s Office had the time to do such investigations, since the AG himself was wall-to-wall busy every day from August last.
Could the findings of the investigations be made public?

Yours sincerely,
Paul Validum