Ranks in Police brutality accusations at Charity still on job – Top Cop

The ranks involved in the alleged beating of four teenage boys at the Charity Police Station, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) are on the job even as the matter is being investigated.
Police Commissioner Leslie James on Monday said that he has received a report of the incident from the Divisional Commander and an investigation has been launched into the matter.
The Top Cop said that while the ranks remain on duty, relevant decisions will be made based on the outcome of the investigation.
“They are still on the job…at some point some action will be taken, but they are still on the job. They are still currently where they were. They have not been removed but a decision will be taken once that is necessary,” James said.
Speaking to this publication on Tuesday, the grandmother of one of the young men; Helen Seenauth said that her grandson is at home recovering. The distraught grandmother said that the young man was shackled, stripped naked and brutalised by ranks at the Charity Police Station. She added that the boys were taken to the station on Monday afternoon, where they positively identified the rank responsible for the beating. However, he has denied the allegation, claiming that he has no knowledge of it and claimed that he was not the arresting officer. There are also reports of one of the teens losing his hearing as a result of the alleged beating.
According to the grandmother, she is not aware of any offence committed by the boys or the reason for their arrest.
The reports of alleged beating surfaced last weekend when the teenagers claimed that they were stripped naked, shackled and brutalised on separate occasions at the Charity Police Station. Aside from being beaten, it was also claimed that one of the boys was choked with an electrical cord.
Reports are that the teens are school dropouts, who were picked up and detained by the police for loitering. A video of one of the teenagers displaying injuries he suffered surfaced on Facebook. In the video, the teen alleged that the police covered his head with a bag and beat him which resulted in him receiving injuries to his ear.