…or surreal?
Your Eyewitness looked at an APNU/AFC press conference yesterday. At least he assumed it was an APNU/AFC press conference, since Joseph Harmon, the APNU General Secretary, and Raphael Trotman, the AFC Chairman, were at the head table. It was one of the most surreal experiences he’s had in a while — and that’s saying something – after witnessing what unfolded at the Ashmin’s Building with Mingo and crew!
The subjects they were going to pronounce on were the stalled elections process and COVID-19. Since there’s a COVID-19 task force in place, which just today started to make what they assured the nation would be daily updates, your Eyewitness felt that segment was sorta like gilding the hibiscus. The media present obviously shared that sentiment, since their questions at the end focused totally on election matters.
The presser was dominated by Harmon, with Trotman merely supporting him on two occasions in a voice as raspy as sandpaper on steroids! The election’s been over for over three weeks, and even then, it wasn’t as if he’d been exactly hitting any high notes on the campaign stage!
Has he been working overtime convincing his AFC colleagues – after Gaskin’s announcement that he didn’t think much of Mingo’s numbers and “who vex, vex” – to bear strain on the rigging front?
Anyhow back to the main event that made your Eyewitness think he was watching an episode of “Twilight Zone”, Harmon’s spiel on the elections. The fella blithely blamed the delay on the announcement of the results of Reg 4 – and of the overall elections – on “Mercury” and “the Russians”! That’s right!
The “tiredness” of Returning Officer Mingo’s staff on the first night had nothing to do with it. The late show of Mingo the next morning, and his sudden “illness” that rushed him to the cardiology dept of GPHC, had nothing to do with it. His return late that afternoon with still nothing done, and forcing his boss CEO Lowenfield to promise a new timeline wasn’t it. And so on with the flash drive and entering data on a spreadsheet from SOPs that no one was permitted to see.
No, it was those pesky Mercury Lobbyists whom your Eyewitness assumed were massaging US politicians’ egos and pocketbooks up in Washington who’d dunnit! Did they have local lackeys who were massaging Mingo? Or was it them who hired those Russian hackers who were outed by our crack crime sleuth head Ramjattan? But then again, Ramjattan had (rather testily) informed the nation that he’d immediately deported the Ruskies; and we will never know how exactly they hacked our pencil-and-pen elections!!
Surreal as Dali’s moustache, that’s what it was!

…intentions outed
What your Eyewitness got from the “encounter of the third kind” experience, was that the PNC’s gonna be swearing in Granger as President, come hell or high water. All the smarmy talk about “waiting on the Court’s decision” before doing so just means the PNC knows what the Court’s going to rule. Incestuous? So what??
And you can bet your bottom dollar that it ain’t gonna be no ordering of any recount!! Mingo’s mingoed numbers will stand! Harmon showed the PNC’s hand when he kept harping back about an elections petition as the path for the PPP.
On being reminded that the International Community might just slap sanctions on any Government sworn in under the status quo, this was dismissed as serving to hurt the Guyanese people. Who will just have to sacrifice for “democracy”.
The PNC’s counting on the COVID-19 crisis keeping the US preoccupied.
They should know the Yanks just charged Maduro for drug trafficking!!

…Claudette’s backflip
As a retired Appellate Judge, you never though Claudette Singh could do a backflip, did you?? Well, that’s what she just did when she announced that the affidavit she’s filed with the Court “to facilitate a recount at the level of the Commission” was done in error!!